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Traveling north from the boards of Norhurst is a land known as Elflake. Named for the massive lake that travels right through the land and joins up with the ocean that lingers to the west of Alaistair. Allowing the beauty of the mountains to hang over this beautiful blue lake. Its waters are clear and beautiful like non other. Edging the lake is a beautiful forest with meadows littered inside. Rocks and fallen trees are scattered throughout the land, but most of them are closer to the water. This being the case, mind your step and keep your eyes open so you don't get stuck in sticky mud or caught between trees.

Common Predators: Bears, Wolves, Cougars
Common Animals Seen: Deer, Elk, Rodents, FIsh
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Norhurst is one section of Alaistar that is worth the trip to see this beautiful place and the beautiful clear waters. Looking over the open plains that linger near to the open pure white sand that merges with the grass. Do not forget that as you look out into the ocean as it crashes upon the white sandy beach. Then there is part of this place that is very odd. Yes you would think since it was a beach that it might be wide open, but that is where things change. For all around these beach are pieces of driftwood that are different shapes and sizes. From far away it might look like a massive bone yard, but this is only wood that has been misshapen over the years, even when humans were around. These pieces have just added on over time. Making it great shade, and the only shade, that is around this place for miles. Though of course we remind you that with all of this open plains, many predators do not seem to want to lurk around here. Mind you that even though no predators really lurk upon the land, watch your step when you wander into these clear waters. Something else might want to take a chunk out of you.

Common Predators: Sharks, Coyotes, Foxes
Common Animals Seen: Seagulls, Sea Creatures, Deer
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As you wander further south in the western lands, rumors are beginning to spread. Hearing the sounds of others speak of a place that has healing powers; Saying that this land is known as Beechhaven. Many have not dared to wander into this labyrinth of a land, for it takes a long time to get through this territory. Though, of course, they say once you find the hidden hot spring, it will heal you of your wounds and/or give you the way out. Mind you that this place seems very warm in different places,o be careful because the land likes to play with your mind and make you think that you are getting closer and closer to your desired destination. So I would advise that no one wander into this land unless you have wings to get out of the area. And you winged equines, don't think you will find the hot spring because you can fly. The forest is so thick that it is hard to see just where this spring is.

Common Predators: Wolves, Cougars
Common Animals Seen: Deer, some rodents
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The western part of Alaistair are lands that hug the ocean's touch. From Norhurst, who lines the coast with the forest that touches close to the shore lines. As you move further north of this western land is the land known as Elflake. The massive clear lake opens up to the ocean and being the land that is mostly covered with the trees and mountains. Though there is one part of this western land that hides a secret. This land is known as Beechhaven. I just warn you to be careful with each place that you wander into. Some of these lands can make it hard to come back out into the real world. So where do you dare to travel to now?

~If you have any questions regarding claiming lands, please contact Echo so we can work out a thread~
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